Alternative 3: Area A Oxbow

*These watercolor drawings may not be representative of the final plans.

In Alternative 3, the land north of Ballona Creek and west of Lincoln Blvd is lowered, and two culverts in the armored levee on the north bank of the Creek allow the Creek to flow into the lowered floodplain, forming an oxbow and tidal channels. New earthen levees along Fiji Way protect roadways and buildings in Marina del Rey from potential flooding.

New, native wetland and upland (for example, coastal scrub, woodland or other) habitats are created and enhanced but to a lesser extent than in Alternatives 1 and 2; that is, the area south of Ballona Creek remains managed marsh under existing conditions and no new restoration is proposed.

New trails and bike paths encourage safe use by visitors, and there are gateways with educational and art installations. A new parking structure along Fiji Way reduces the existing parking area footprint, and improvements to the existing dirt parking lot located off of Culver Boulevard at Pershing Drive make it safer and more appealing to visitors and local residents.