Alternative 4: No Project

Under Alternative 4, the No Federal Action/No Project Alternative, which is required for analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act, no project improvements would occur. The continuation of previously-permitted restoration activities would be allowed under Alternative 4, such as the removal of invasive species only using hand-tools. This Alternative includes only activities that do not require federal, state, or local approvals. No new wetlands restoration would take place.

CDFW would continue to remove trash and debris, remove homeless encampments, and monitor and enforce other unauthorized or illegal activities. Management of existing tide gates to provide some acclimation to sea level rise would be possible temporarily; however, eventually, the tide gates would have to be closed permanently and the tidal wetland habitats cut off from the estuary due to sea level rise. No changes would be made to existing elevations within the Ballona Reserve, existing armored levees channelizing Ballona Creek would remain in place, and Ballona Creek would not reconnect with the wetland floodplain. Additionally, no new culverts would be created.

Existing restricted access to the Ballona Reserve would continue, remaining closed to public access except for managed access where authorized by CDFW. No new visitor or recreational improvements or amenities would be provided, no parking structure would be constructed or operated, and no improvements to existing parking areas would be made.

SoCalGas would continue to manage wells and pipelines within the Ballona Reserve and would independently pursue well and pipeline abandonment and/or relocation based on facilities priorities.