Ballona Reserve Infographics

The following infographics concisely focus on various aspects of the current state of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, including environmental impacts such as water restrictions, sediment placement, and invasive plants. Additionally the column on the left describes the restoration Alternatives proposed in the draft EIR/S. Each graphic shown opens a PDF.

Proposed Reserve Restoration Alternatives

This graphic highlights the major differences of each of the 4 proposed restoration Alternatives described in the draft EIR/S.


This graphic depicts the current limited state of water availability in the Reserve and some of the resulting impacts.


Below you will find a graphic showing the current state of the native and non-native plants found in the Reserve. If no changes are made towards restoration and existing management policies remain the same, the system will continue to degrade.

Public Access

The graphic below shows the accessibility of the Reserve to the general public. Currently, public access is very limited.


This graphic helps you visualize the amount of sediment that has been added to the Reserve historically, and how that has changed the system. Take a look at how long it would take to redistribute construction fill that has been added to the site over time.

Historical Ecology Map

The map below shows the ecology of the wetlands within the Santa Monica Bay prior to urbanbization.

Reserve Boundary Map

The following map shows the Ballona Wetlands Reserve boundaries with the different areas labeled accordingly.

Habitat Type Map

This map is classified by habitat type. The striped areas represent non-native vegetation and the solid areas are native habitat.